Sunday, May 4, 2014

Card of the Day : 2013 Topps Update : Matt Kemp Commemorative Pin Insert

Saw this card for awhile now on eBay and thought it was cool looking and added it to my want list. Saw it offered numerous times and I lost out on each auction I put a bid on. Just felt anything north of $8 was too much to spend on it. One day I happened to be looking for something else and came across the card in a buy it now option for much less than the $8+ I kept losing out on. Didn't think twice and promptly bought and paid for the card and within a week I had it in my hands. Great looking card and much bigger and heavier in person. Had to use my 180 pt. acrylic holder for this one in. 2011... what a great year for Kemp.

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