Thursday, May 8, 2014

Half Case of 2014 Bowman Jumbo Dodger Break

One card...

This is the only one I am showing from the break because it was the only one of note.

Out of another 4 jumbo boxes I received not one other card other than base paper and base chrome. No color, no minis, no home/state parallels. A big fat zero. Urias here came from the very last box as I thought I was going to be totally shut out but considering this was the "big" get from the boxes I guess I did get shut out.

If I thought the first case was disappointing then I don't know what to call this but a crime of a break. As always, it is what it is when you deal with these breaks. You win some and you lose some and most certainly I lost on this one.

The Urias is for my collection but if you need any base cards, paper or chrome, feel free to check out the contest I am running or contact me for a trade.

Better luck next I hope.

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