Sunday, May 4, 2014

Old School Card Show @ Gardena Serra High School on 5.3.2014

Yesterday there was an "old school" card showing being held at Gardena Serra High School. Gardena was the city I grew up in and still live only a few miles away from. I call it old school as it was held in a school gym and had less than 100 tables. There were some familiar faces that have shops and/or set up shop at Frank and Sons on a weekly basis. It reminded me so much of the late 90's shows I attended and considering Greg of plaschkethysweaterisargyle was going to be attending it was the perfect time to finish up a trade ( more on that tomorrow ) that we started over a year ago. This would be the first time I have met Greg in person and it is always nice to put a face to a blogger "voice"

I wasn't really look to buy anything as I was there for the trade and just to reminisce about the old days. But if there was a good deal to be had I wouldn't pass it up. I ended up buying all of these cards at one table. The first two are not for my collection and are solely for trade. I am sure Cano and Kershaw will be wanted by someone right? Contact me if anyone is interested.

Then I came across this on card autograph of Mo Vaughn when he was a member of the Angels. Not a pleasant time for Mo while on that team. No way was I paying $15 as I had no need for it but the price I did pay it made perfect sense to buy it for trade. Again if anyone is interested contact me.

The final card I picked up though I will be keeping. With massive pressure from Greg, ha ha, I went over and looked at some vintage cards and after going through a few years I came across this rookie card of Johnny Podres. Oh, he meant very little to the Brooklyn Dodgers, all he did was win game 7 of the 1955 World Series to give Brooklyn its first and only title win. Card is old but I always loved this design and with a price of $50 and then 80-90% off of all the dealer's cards I couldn't pass it up as I added my 1st vintage card to the collection since my re-entry to the hobby.

Only a couple hours were spent at the show but it was a great time. Picked up some trade bait, a great 61 year old card and met the infamous Greg and finished off a trade. Thank you again helping me spend my money Greg. Ha Ha.

Can't wait for the next show. I for sure will be attending.


  1. Great meeting you dude! Glad we could talk cards and pick up some sweet stuff!

    1. Same here.
      Till next show.
      Dont forget about early BP