Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Inception : Corey Seager Silver Signings Autograph ( 5 / 25 )

After two days of so-so cards now we get to the two that were the big prizes and happy to finally have them in hand.

This is yet another Corey Seager card but this was one that I really wanted. As I have stated numerous times I am not a fan of the Inception brand in general BUT the silver signings inset set has a different design and this look I love. I owned the Puig version of this card (since graded and sold for a spiffy BGS 9.5 Trout autograph card) so I for sure wanted the Seager one. I was finally able to lock one down as seen HERE . Now like with yesterday's Seager card I had to sit and wait.

The card finally came in and I couldn't be happier. The silver ink autograph pops against the black background and would have been my favorite card of the 4 if not for 2 things. One the signature seems to separate just a tad but I will still be sending it in for a raw grade once Beckett comes out again to see what they think and two the player/card brand for tomorrow's post trumps Seager.

Even with those two reasons this is a great looking card and I am glad to add this to my collection. I have no intention of letting this one go anytime soon. Hope he rakes once he hits the majors.

5 of 25


  1. I love the look of the silver signings. Always looks sharp.

    1. Agreed. Much better than the base set. Wanted Ryu but could never find a reasonable price