Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Onelki Garcia Base, 2 Base Refractor Parallels and Base Blue Refractor Parallel Autograph ( 45 / 150 )

A right time and place purchase for me with these cards.

I have been in the market for the blue version of Onelki's autograph card for quite some time. Book value still has it at $30 and I have lost on a few auctions as they have crossed the $20 mark. Maybe I was being cheap but I just didn't want to fork over that much. Well my stubbornness paid off here.

A seller had the blue card I wanted but also had 2 base refractors and the regular base card as well in his auction. Well I needed both for my set needs as well. He also had the 2014 Topps card of Onelki in the auction but I already had plenty due to my two case breaks. That would be 3 cards I needed and I could get them all in one auction for a cheap price. The seller had his asking price of $25 and I debating on just pulling the trigger there but he also had a best offer option and if it exists you might as feel it out. Sent him an offer at a little over $14 and waited to see what his answer would be. He didn't accept it but after a couple of counter offers I picked up all these set needs for a little under $16. A great deal for me.

45 of 150 of blue goodness 

1 refractor is available for trade if anyone needs it

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