Friday, May 2, 2014

Trade with Fellow Blogger : My Cardboard Habit ( 1st Trade )

My never ending pursuit of acquiring the 2013 Bowman Chrome set in blue received a little help the other day as a fellow blogger helped me out.

Mr. Meeks of my cardboard habit and I got to talking on Twitter one day and he mentioned that he had a couple of spare copies of some blue parallels that he had no use for.

He has a wish list of players that he collects but I did not have any so this trade officially became a "to be determined " one. He sent the cards over with my promise that somewhere down the road ( hopefully sooner rather than later ) I would square up with him. With the new releases of Bowman, Allen and Ginter and Topps series 2 I am sure I will acquire something that will work.

Thank you again.

Wade Hinkle - 44 of 250
Alex Rios - 213 of 250


  1. Nice! Judson is a great guy. If anything he collects crosses my path I will be sure to pass it on to you.

    1. Sounds good. We can use it for part of our trade and then Ill swing it to him.
      = )