Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Five Star : Matt Kemp Silver Ink Autograph ( 23 / 99 )

I was finally able to lock down a card that I have been searching for well over 6 months. It helps when you have friends out there that help you out and direct you in the right area as well. Greg who runs a great blog as seen HERE already had this card so he wasn't in on it but knew I wanted my own copy and for some reason I hadn't seen it myself on the bay. So thanks are in order once again to Greg.

Kemp continues to be my favorite everyday player and that is due more to his off field and in person good will rather than on field performance as that has been lacking. I already acquired the Kershaw version of this card back in June of 2013 as seen HERE and wanted to bookend it with Kemp. Even with the lower demand of Kemp cards this one in particular has been a real bear to get my paws on. Thankfully this one came in much lower than expected and I was able to scoop it up for my collection. It is a great card and the silver ink is beautiful.

The Bison in Silver Ink Form


  1. Congrats! Happy to help and glad it went to a Dodger guy who will appreciate it!

    1. Hopefully he will be on the team longer than a few weeks. Its not looking good right now