Friday, May 9, 2014

Fantasy Baseball Winnings

Woo Hoo...
I won something that wasn't purely from chance.

I am in a 11 person fantasy baseball league that is being hosted by Alex of Chavez Ravining and we have just finished our 1st month. Each month there are two prizes given out to the person(s) that are leading in a specific category at the end of that month. All 11 of us have donated an item ( card, ball, etc ) that will be given out during the course of the year. This past month was for home runs and strikeouts per 9 innings. I knew from the 1st 2 rounds of the draft that power was not going to be a strength on my team so I had to even it out in other categories. At the present moment I am 4th in the league but have spent numerous days in 1st and I expect to be vying for the overall prize at the end of the year.

There was no way I was going to win the home run category but I was in play for the K/9 prize going into the last day and with a little luck I came out on top for that category which in turn scored me this nice Victor Martinez relic from Allen and Ginter. Not all the entrants will win a prize but thankfully I am not one of those.
= )

For this month the two categories are strikeouts and rbi's. I am too far back pertaining to the strikeouts but still within striking distance for the rbi crown. Maybe I can win in back to back months but my main goal is to win it all.

Good luck to all that are in the league. It's been fun so far.


  1. Glad you have enjoyed it so far. The prizes have definitely encouraged me to stay on top of things.

    1. ive had a rough week but that is the way it is.
      As long as i can stay top 4 till the end i will be happy