Monday, May 26, 2014

Player Appearance Recap : Bernie Nicholls @ Dr. Liu's Optometry on May 24th, 2014

This past Saturday the good doctor Alex Liu had a private signing for a handful of patients. A couple days prior Dr Liu sent out an email to patients informing them that he was going to have former King Bernie Nicholls at his office and the first 15 people to respond to the email would have the chance to come down and have a meet and greet with Bernie. Autographs and photo ops would be included. One minute after I received the email I sent a response back that I would love to attend and I was lucky enough to one of the 1st 15.

Included with the meet and greet was the one autograph but you could purchase one more if you wanted which is what I planned to do. I had brought in a puck for Bernie to sign but I also wanted a 8x10 of him in King's gear as well. Thankfully as always the Dr. had some to chose from.

Signing was set to begin around 3 and with the small amount of people it moved quickly. If only all signings could be this easy. This was the first time I met Bernie and he was cordial and polite with everyone. He first signed the puck in silver deco. I think it came out great.

Next up was the 8x10 I purchased. He had a interesting signing process for pictures. He took the picture and held it up and proceeded to sign it. No table for this guy. Thought it was only me he did that to but I saw him do it to the next person after I was done. It got the job done but I have never seen it that way. Whatever works for you I guess.

I was heading out and the good doctor had one last photo left and I was the one patient next him and he said, here you go, have him sign this as well. Oh yeah, freebie. It was the last one because it shows Bernie in Shark gear. Bernie was heading out but I was able to get him to sign this in his patented in the air process. Yes, its him in Shark gear but it is another autograph for the collection. I could always trade it out at some point.

Another successful autograph event at the optometry office. Thank you again to Dr. Liu and his staff for hosting the event and thank you to Bernie for taking time to sign and chat for fans. Can't wait for the next signing. Go Kings Go !!!


  1. Awesome! I am so envious. Bernie was one of my favorite players.

    1. He was a real chill dude. Want to trade for the Shark auto?