Friday, May 30, 2014

Card of the Day - 2011/12 Score : Mike Richards : Base Autograph

The long search for a Richards autograph card has come to an end. Mike's autograph has been the hardest for me to obtain for my Stanley Cup Kings set as most cards have a starting asking price of at least $25 or the auctions end north of that and more times than not higher than $30. I wanted/needed an autograph but was not willing to spend that much.

One day I saw this card listed on eBay and I have never seen it before. It is a sticker auto but if I could get my hands on it I wouldn't care. The seller had an asking price of $30. Ugh, again with the high price. He did have a best offer option so I sent him, or at least in my eyes, a low ball offer of more than 50% less than what he was asking for. To my surprise within a hour he responding back by taking the offer. No counteroffer, nothing. I was fine with that. Considering it was coming from Canada it took almost two weeks to get to me but now I finally have that elusive Richards autograph.

I now have all the "major" players from the team and just need to work on the "minor" ones. A sigh of relief on this purchase.

But it's a sticker autograph... I don't care, I finally have a Mike autograph

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