Saturday, May 24, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Kemp, Guerrero, Kershaw, Puig, Trout and Rookies

Hometown parallels of Kershaw and Puig 

... and now for my 1st "big" haul of 2014 Bowman cards that I did not acquire in my case breaks. 

There are a lot of cards that I need to get my hands on but thankfully for the most part they probably will average no more than a dollar or so which makes this year doable. 

Hometown parallels of Trinkwon and Coyle

I do love the flag/hometown parallels in the Bowman brand. The value is minimal but adds a little flavor other than color after color parallel to chase after. 

Garcia Hometown
Base Trout
Guerrero Silver Ice

I still do love the sparkly silver ice but not to be confused with silver parallel as Bowman has added that color to the parallel rainbow this year. 

And can't forget to get all the Trout cards as well. Would love to have him off the Angels so I didn't have to have Angel cards in my collection but at the same time I love that I can watch him up to 83 times a year down in Anaheim.

296 of 500

Can't forget about the bison or my favorite colored parallel. Still nothing like a Dodger player on a blue card. Once again this parallel is numbered out of 500 which makes it easy enough to finish up the Dodger team set. 

64 / 500

To finish off my purchase I picked up the base refractor of Alex Guerrero. Not sure what to expect of him as he is mashing in the minors but plenty of players have done that and fizzled out once they made up to the big leagues. The main problem for him is that the Dodgers have no current place to play him. He is not trade bait so how long does he stay in the minors is the question.

EDIT - Now he is missing an ear and possibly can't play for 5 weeks. Damn...

A small yet decent 1st "haul" post case breaks. Many more to come as I am on the lookout for a lot of parallels. Any traders out there?


  1. You still want the Blue Kemp I have set aside for you?

  2. guess my twitter DM to you didnt go through.
    No, dont need that one yet but will take that other.
    Forgot what that one was.
    ty nonetheless