Monday, May 5, 2014

Trade with Fellow Blogger - Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle ( 1st Trade )

My first trade with Greg and I sort of failed with pictures as for some reason I only took one of the main prize of the trade. I will update that mistake a little later once I get home.

Greg was one of the 1st bloggers I spoke to online when I re-entered the hobby but this Saturday we finished what had become the longest time to complete trade for me. We could just never meet up in person till now but a local card show presented the perfect place to finish up the trade finally.

Last April Greg contacted me after I posted about some Corey Seager cards that he wanted so I held them to aside till we could agree on something in return. During the course of the year he spotted a Matt Kemp relic card he also wanted so I threw that one onto the stack for him as well. Time went on and we still hadn't physically finished off the trade. The lot of cards he gave me for the ones he wanted is the picture I failed to take. A lot of Dodgers which included Kemp and loads of prospects made it into my hands. Thank you for those.

We agreed to meet up this past Saturday a couple of weeks ago but then Greg stated he was going to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes game a couple of Fridays ago. I hit him up and asked if he had the opportunity if he could snag me a Julio Urias autograph on a photo. I have yet to make it there for a game this year and I feel I might miss my chance as Julio might get promoted to AA soon. Greg said he would see if he could make that happen. Well, here is Greg's  RECAP and included in his great personal haul he was able to get me that Urias autograph I wanted. Oh yeah. Now I just had to get him something that would intrigue him and make the trade right. Well I think I made that happen as we will see on his post about this trade soon enough.

Thank you again to Greg for the overall trade and thank you again for the Urias in particular. Great first trade, let's both try not to take a year next time to get another one done.
= )

17 year old phenom Julio Urias
God, I feel old.


  1. Thanks again for the trade! Glad I could help you out with Julio!

    1. Ty again.
      Gonna try in Lancaster next month to get another