Friday, May 16, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Museum : Yasiel Puig Base Blue Parallel ( 87 / 99 )

Still needed three more cards to complete my needs from the Museum set and acquiring Puig here dropped that number to two.

This actually is the second blue Museum Puig card I received but the first one I am keeping. I originally won one for a measly four dollars but it was from a new seller that had a feedback of just 1 positive transaction. I took the risk and got burned. Card was sent with no sleeve, no top loader no nothing and thrown into a small white envelope. Yeah you know that wasn't going to work and it didn't. Received the card and it was bent/damaged in transit. Opened a case with eBay and within a day the seller refunded my money. Now back to the hunt to replace that one and came across this copy on a BIN type auction. Seller was asking 50 cents more than the one I had to return and with only 99 copies of these blue cards I went ahead and bought it instead of waiting for a possible better deal of a dollar or two.

With Puig in tow now I am down to Nolasco and Trout to complete my Museum collection. Happy hunting to me.

87 of 99

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