Monday, May 12, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps : Paco Rodriguez Chasing History Autograph Insert

In the "it's about time" category I finally get to show off some cards that have been in the Topps redemption pipeline for a long time. I checked the Topps redemption website early last week and noticed that I was finally going to acquire four autographs that I have been waiting for. This Paco one for example has been on my wait list for close to 7 months as seen from this original post of when I acquired the redemption card. Well for today and the next 3 days I will show the four cards I received from least to best in my opinion.

Paco has had an up and down year so far. When on the major league club he has struggled (but to be fair everyone in the bullpen has) and that doesn't count his time in AAA when he was sent down for a bench player.

I have a few more Paco autograph cards due to me from Topps and they will be of the more desirable on card versions. I knew this was going to be a sticker but when I purchased the card for a measly $3 I didn't care. With all the other Paco cards coming in I might just throw this one in as the autograph card for my contest. Either way for the cost of the card I didn't mind the 7 month wait.


  1. I got this one too! I like it. At least it doesnt have a smear at the end

    1. Agreed.
      Still not a fan of stickers but it is what it is.