Tuesday, May 27, 2014

*** UPDATE 5.27.14 *** Contest #10 - 2014 Bowman Dodger Team Set and Possibly More

Alright everyone. It looks like I won't be hitting 62 followers by Saturday (but you never know) so I wanted to add a little something to this contest as this one has had the most comments and RT's. Thank you again to all who are participating. I will now randomize TWO full sets of the base and chrome Dodgers as seen in the pictures below. 

Since this is contest #10 I was planning to randomize it ten times. For the second winner the person who has the most entries will make the call on how many times I will randomize it again. Pick a number from 1-9. IF it is the same person then I will give out the cards to whoever is in position #7. 

So two full sets are up for grabs. The autograph card is still in play BUT the second winner does not win an autograph. Just the first winner. As always, any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you again for reading.

It's been awhile but it's time for another contest.

This time around I will stagger in some more cards if I get more followers to my blog. Not asking you to hunt me down followers but if your retweets on twitter and/or your pimping on your own blog helps me get more then I will throw in more cards.

Regular readers I am sure have seen that I entered into a few case breaks of  2014 Bowman baseball and I have plenty left over to give out.

So the base prize is the above 16 cards which are all the Dodgers is paper form from the 2014 set. They include Urias and Guerrero. Those hot rookies everyone loves. If my blog acquires 5 more followers for a total of 60 I will throw in the 6 chrome set of the prospects from the same set. After that every 2 more followers I will throw in more cards. The first will be an autograph of my choosing and then after that a relic card and so and so on.

You can earn one entry per day for leaving a comment on this blog entry.
You can earn one entry per day for RT'ing the contest on twitter.
You earn 5 entries for pimping this on your own blog ( one time only ).
I am also thinking of adding another entry earning process but I will update that later.
The contest will run till the end of May.

As always thank you for reading this blog and may everyone have a great day.

New additions to the contest