Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Frank Thomas Base Autograph Rainbow Parallel ( 2 / 25 )

Another in the long line of autographs to reacquire has been checked off my want list. Newly inducted hall of famer, Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas, is the subject on this entry.

I grew up watching Frank from his rookie year to his last year. Frank and Ken Griffey Jr were the two bigger boppers that people fought over who was the best. Ken's game in my opinion was the most well rounded but Frank had the most heart stopping home runs. He was and is still a big boy and just could put a hurting (pun intended) on a ball at any given time.

I actually sold the PSA authenticated ball I had of his a long time ago before the ball purge of 2014 but he was always on my list to get some type of representation back into my collection. Along game 2013 Five Star brand which seems to be my go to set lately and Frank was included in a 50 SP print run and this 25 rainbow parallel run. I really didn't care which one I got my hands on but just to get the best deal. After a few misses on eBay auctions I finally ended up in the winner's circle on this card. Card came in and looks to be in a condition that might possibly grade out to a gem mint 9.5. Welcome back to the collection and into the pile of future to be graded subjects as I wait for Beckett to come out again to do a raw grading event.

Number 2 of 25