Saturday, May 3, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Museum : David Ortiz Base Autograph ( 199 / 199 )

Big Papi come on down.

I've been searching high and low for an on card autograph of the Red Sox slugger ever since I rejoined the hobby. It had to show him in Red Sox gear which made the search harder. I found enough choices with him in his Twins uniform from back in the day and found multiple copies in Red Sox uniforms but most of the autographs were of the sticker variety. The few on cards were way too pricey ( $75 and up ) for me to chase after.

Well this years Topps Museum set contained this beautiful card of the David and when I won it on eBay it did not have a book value at the time. Once again, bidding from the hip on this one. Beckett just came out and has it listed for $60. Well thankfully I paid nothing near that.

I am not a Red Sox fan or a Boston fan but even though David was attached to PED's I believe he fits in perfectly in that town and has done great things for them. From World Series wins to being the front man on the Boston bombings last year. He will probably go down as the greatest DH in the history of baseball.

199 of 199


  1. Nice! I have also been searching for a Big Papi auto. Like you, I prefer the on-card autos, but I haven't had the extra cash to purchase one. One of these days.......

    1. ive become a snob on autographs.
      HAVE to be on card with few exceptions.
      All about timing