Saturday, May 31, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Julio Urias Base Refractor Parallel ( 436 / 500 ) , Mini Chrome Blue Parallel ( 81 / 250 ) and More

I am still trying to learn patience since I've re-entered the hobby but sometimes it is hard but thankfully I had a little here and had a little bad luck on previous auctions which turned into good luck here.

I am trying to acquire all my Urias needs from the Bowman set before they skyrocket. The parallels have been the most troublesome to get my hands on.

81 of 250

As with most cards I usually lose a few auctions before actually winning it. At the time I still had no guide to go by except my personal cost ceiling so with that I kept losing out on this card with most of auctions going over $10. 

The normal sized chrome refractor card also slipped through my hands time and time again with most auctions going for at least $5+. I am foremost a bargain hunter and have to allocate the purge ball funds properly.

436 of 500

Well after numerous losses I found this auction that had both of these cards for a low price but I still had to play the bidding war game. 

Also included were 9 more Urias cards but I did not need these as I have plenty of them but I could always use them for trade, contests or just throw in's. I was hoping that the "odd" wording on the eBay auction title would help my case. It focuses more on the fact that it was a larger lot and not that there were numbered parallels. 

Still wanted to bargain shop this auction and hoped it wouldn't go too high. Surprisingly enough I won the auction for a little over $10 and ended up with a load of Urias. 

Two set needs down and more to give or trade away. A great buy at a great low cost.

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