Monday, May 26, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Hyun-Jin Ryu Base Autograph Blue Refractor Parallel ( 71 / 99 )

The long traveled road to acquire another on card autograph of Ryu is finally over with one card never even seeing a post.

I originally acquired two different Bowman Inception cards via redemption that finally came in. One is a base, which I still have, and another which is the blue parallel that was numbered out of 75. I saw an eBay auction for a BGS 9.5 and thought why not see what mine would grade out. Well the result was gem mint as seen HERE . I am sure everyone that takes the time to read the blog knows my distaste for the "cloudy" Inception cards. Well I saw that Five Star redemptions were starting to pop up on eBay and there was this spiffy looking purple parallel numbered to 15. I wanted it. The hunt was on.

First though I had to make up some funds so I put the BGS Inception up for sale and it sold within a couple of days and I locked into the Five Star auction and ended up winning it for less than what the Inception one sold for. It was the first purple one to sell and within a week it arrived. Ugh..... The notorious Five Star corner issue was affecting this card. The lower right corner was frayed. I was disappointed. BGS 9.5 in a swap for a bent corner is not a good trade in my eyes.

Well I started seeing these Bowman Chrome blues coming up on eBay and we all know how much I love me some blue chromes. I wanted it. The hunt was on again.

I noticed a few other purples selling on eBay for a higher price and put up my "damaged" purple and ended up selling it for $23 more than what I "paid" for it. Now to find me a Bowman blue to call my own. Most of the auctions were closing way too much for my taste but one day as I was refreshing my search this one popped up with a low BIN but also with a best offer option. I quickly sent over an offer at a little under what I sold the purple one for and the seller countered at a little over what the purple sold for. No need to hassle any further. I took his offer and within a week I received this beautiful card. It's corners are sharp, autograph is crisp and the only "problem" I see is that it is ever so off centered. Oh yeah, for sure getting this one graded. That pile is getting bigger and bigger.

So the journey to acquire the "perfect" Ryu on card autograph is over.

Blue Inception #/75
Grade said blue Inception
Sell now BGS 9.5 Inception.
Buy purple Five Star
Sell purple Five Star
Buy Bowman Chrome Blue
and soon to graded Bowman Chrome

A fun ride but thankfully one that is over.
Crossing my fingers for a BGS 9.5

71 of 99

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