Thursday, May 8, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Brandon Trinkwon Chrome Base Refractor Autograph ( 187 / 500 )

Well with the case breaks behind me now it is time to pick up the singles of all the Dodgers I did not acquire in said breaks.

I have decided this year for the autographs of Dodger prospects that I will only be collecting the base refractors and the blue refractors and no longer the base unnumbered versions ( unless it is for a ridiculous small cost ) in the Bowman brand. The Dodgers are represented 3 times and Brandon here is the first that I was able to acquire.

Brandon is the least heralded of the rookies behind Scavuzzo and Urias so I assumed it wouldn't take too much to pick his autograph up. I assumed correctly as there plenty of Brandon copies to choose from and won this for a small handful of $1's.

One autograph down, a few more to go.

187 of 500

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