Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Full Case of 2014 Bowman Jumbo Dodger Break

Ahh..new product means more box/case breaks for me. 2014 Bowman was just released last week and I was able to secure my place in 3 separate breaks. 2 happen to be from the same dealer and the same case. They were both 1/2 case breaks but I won both sides of the case and that is what this entry is on. I have one more 1/2 case coming in later this week.

I do love me some Bowman and think this years look is nice enough but luck was not really on my side here as I didn't really get anything overly nice in my breaks so I am a little disappointed but you can't win them all. My 2014 Topps breaks were much better. Without further adieu here are the cards I won.

The good thing with big breaks like these you are almost guaranteed the full base set of the team you are in on. Once again that was the case for me as I got the full 16 player team set which includes all the hot rookies. 4 complete sets in all. Do I hear a contest coming up?

Of course with Bowman the rookies always are represented in chrome form as well and I ended up with the full set a few times over as well. As always love me some chrome.

Silver ice is one of the parallels I collect from Bowman and within the 8 boxes I was able to pick up two Dodgers. Hanley and Kemp. A good start but a long way from being done on this project.

Another parallel set that I hunt down is the Home and State versions of the base cards. Kemp once again is represented with rookie Yimi Garcia also included. Again, a nice start but many more to acquire.

My favorite parallel and the hardest to get that I collect are the blue bordered ones. They are numbered to 500. Not overly scarce but they do present a good hunt to go after. This is the first time I have picked up a yellow parallel as they are numbered to 50. I am not a fan of this color and Greinke here is up for trade if anyone is interested. Would love to trade for maybe 2 blues? Anyone?

And my break finished off with 2 minis. Both are the fast rising rookies in the farm system. Corey with the same picture as last years ( lazy Topps ) and Julio Urias. Combined ages of both is the equivalent of my age. Nice reminder of how long I have been a fan of baseball.

Well that is all. No autographs, no colored chrome, no super rare cards. Like I said in the beginning, I am a little disappointed but that is the nature of the beast. If anyone is interested in the yellow feel free to contact me.


  1. I'll see If I can come up with any blues for you when I hit up my LCS.

    1. you'll need dups then as i am sure you get them for you first then me
      = )
      Of course Trout is still a goodie.
      I a lot on my need list for 2014 Bowman.
      Just starting to acquire on the bay