Monday, May 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2001 Sweet Spot : Gary Sheffield Autograph

It's been awhile but I finally picked up another autograph from my to reacquire list. I basically traded a sweet spot signature on a baseball for a fake sweet spot of a baseball on a card. But I came out on top since the ball sold for more than 4x as much as I picked up this card for.

All it took as a little over $12 for me to win this card. Sweet Spot has always been one of my favorite brands to collect. I like the look of the ball seams on the card. Took awhile to find an on card autograph of Gary in Dodger blue as there just isn't that many too chose from. Thankfully after a handful of losses on this same card I finally came out on top.


  1. I'm a huge Sweet Spot fan too. I have a bunch of Pirates. Congrats on the pick up! Sweet card.

    1. Ty.
      Sweet Spot and Bowman Chrome have always been my favorite and have gotten my wallet in trouble through the years.
      = )