Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Contest Winnings From Kalib At Cubs Cardboard

Kalib who runs a great blog over at Cubs Cardboard ran a contest awhile back and I ended up being one of the winners.

I had the most entries into it but that does not guarantee anything as one contest over at Dodgers Blue Heaven a couple months ago had me with the most entries by a landside and I ended up losing. You win some you lose some. Kalib had the contest set up so that there would be 3 winners determined by random.org with the winners that landed on his birthday. I actually ended up on top 2 of the 3 numbers ( month, day, year ) but to be fair I only received the top pick and not the second one as well.

There were 3 cards to chose from and I ended up picking this relic card of Jordan Zimmerman from Allen and Ginter. Doesn't really fit into my collection but I do love winning free cards and somewhere down the road I am sure I can use it for trade or pay it forward in some other way.

Thank you again to Kalib for hosting the contest and head over there for a good read on all things Cubs.

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