Thursday, February 6, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Inception : Corey Seager Silver Signings Autograph ( # / 25 )

I've been wanting to get more of Seager's autograph for the collection as I only have a ball signed by him when I met him in Rancho Cucamonga awhile back as seen HERE and a card from this year's Inception set that I am still waiting for as seen HERE .

Corey is projected to be a beast when he comes up to the big leagues and I wanted more autos. His Bowman Chrome rookie is a tad pricey for me at the moment so I thought to look back into the Inception set to see if I could acquire the blue variant but I had forgotten that he also was included in the silver signings insert set. I already had the Puig one and thought why not add Corey if I could. As with all silver signings there are only 25 copies being produced of each card. I had seen that already a hand full had been sold on eBay so while there might be a chance in the future to buy one time was not on my side. At the time this was the only one on eBay and I wanted it. When all was said and done I won this for less than the previous 5 sold for. Couldn't be happier and now like with his base card I redeemed, I sit and wait for that and this card to arrive.

TBD of 25

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