Wednesday, June 11, 2014

5 Cards Submitted To Beckett Grading Submissions (BGS) At Frank and Sons On June 7, 2014

This past Saturday I went to Frank and Sons and picked up the five cards I dropped off two weeks ago to get graded. Those are being individually discussed in their own posts this week so take a gander if you like. With those five in hand I still had seven more that at some time I wanted to get graded. Well, why not submit five of the seven which gives me a reason to return to Frank and Sons in two weeks. Well here are the five I decided to submit and my thoughts on the chances of them receiving a gem mint grade or not.

First up is this red ink variant of Ryan Braun from the 2012 Allen Ginter set. With only 10 in existence I wanted it encased with hopefully accompanied with gem mint grade. I am being realistic though. With Yu's grade coming back with a mint 9 grade and Braun here being from the same set and I can see that it is a tad off centered I will be happy as long as it gets a mint 9 grade BUT as with Yu's autograph I do not see anything wrong with Braun's here so hopefully I get a 10 on that. There is one corner that seems to round just a tad but still think a mint 9 is within reason. We shall see.

Next up is our very own Dodger, Clayton. This is the one card of the batch that is not really an investment piece nor a rookie card or all that rare. I just for some reason wanted to have it slabbed with hopefully a good grade. Looking over it I expect the very least that it will be a mint 9. The only thing that might hold it back is that on the lower right side the edge frays ever so slightly. Corners are sharp, centered nicely and surface is defect free from what I can see. The signature is also crisp and not separating. Possible gem mint but wouldn't be disappointed with a mint grade.

With my track record with Allen and Ginter cards being graded I must be crazy to not just submit one but two more in this batch. Joe Mauer is one of the best hitting catchers I've seen. He is now a first baseman but the time he put behind the plate was excellent. Unlike the Braun card I do not see any centering issues and the corners are crisper than Braun's with no surface or edge issues to speak of. I really expect a "soft" gem mint grade here but gem mint nonetheless. Let's do this Beckett.

The last two cards are of Dodgers and really came down to preference on which received top billing. Black is more rare than blue but Urias has not performed at the big league level yet as Puig has. Both cards I believe are sure shots to be gem mint with the very small chance of one if not both getting a pristine grade of 10. I have never received a pristine and hopefully one day I will. Why not today? Urias's card is numbered out of 99 and looks to be perfectly centered and not a single flaw to my eye. We shall see what it comes back as. Come on 10.

... and to finish of the submission we have Mr. wild horse himself, Yasiel Puig. His blue card is numbered out of 250 so it is more plentiful than Urias's 99 but Yasiel has proven himself so there is a higher demand for his cards. This card at one time was selling for over $100 and it dipped down quite a lot as I picked it for a little over $30 ( eBay bucks purchase, woo hoo ) but I have seen it selling again close to $100. Thought it was finally time to get this blue beauty graded.

So that is it. 5 cards with my finger crossed for 5 gem mint grades in return. Have to be realistic though. I believe 2 are locks with a 3rd being pretty damn close to that as well. 2 with outside shots. We shall see in a week or so as results will be posted give or take on the 18th with cards back in hand on the 21st. Wish me luck everyone.


  1. Good luck. I'm pulling for you to get a 10 on something.

    1. TY sir.
      I think the Puig has the best chance
      We shall see