Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Julio Urias Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel ( 48 / 99 )

The last main card to acquire of Julio has finally been found.

*edit - I had/wanted to publish this now as the card is part of a BGS submission post. This one was the last one to be acquired but I still have another that is rare ish to publish in the future.

There is still the Bowman Collection autograph that is numbered out of 25 but I am being realistic in the fact that I probably won't be getting my hands on it. This black parallel numbered which is numbered to 99 was the last one I really wanted to add to my collection and after waiting on the sidelines till the prices came down on it I finally pulled the trigger on a BIN auction.

Sales have been closing north of $20 for this card and while limited I didn't want to commit that much to this card. Waited and waited till the right auction came up and this was it. Not sure if he cherry picked it as I can tell it is ever so slightly off centered but that was of little concern to me. I just wanted a copy for myself. No best offer was available but his asking price was reasonable so I bought and paid and received the card in a matter of days.

Now to see about that Bowman Collection card....
= )


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