Monday, June 30, 2014

BGS Submission Update One - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Yasiel Puig Base Blue Refractor Parallel ( 123 / 250 ) Now Graded and Slabbed a Mint 9.0

This is probably my biggest disappointment in all the submissions I have ever done with BGS. Of the 5 submissions this week this card along with the black Urias Bowman Chrome I was sure it would come back a gem mint 9.5 with an outside possibility of a pristine 10. Not only did I not get my pristine grade (not disappointed) BUT it didn't even come back as a gem mint. Just a measly mint 9.0. Are you kidding me? It did receive two 9.5 sub grades but centering and corners received 9.0's. Only .5 from a gem mint and I can't see why. Maybe I can see the reasoning with the corners as those can be finicky but centering I just don't see. I am a pretty good eye for that and measure all my submission cards before I drop them off.

Now I feel a little hesitant and am questioning my pre-grade ritual but I will not let this card sway my belief that I for the most part can trust my instincts on submissions. I will put that to the test with the next batch.

Well I now have a mint blue Puig but would have loved to pair it with my gem mint blue autograph Puig from the same set. Sigh...

"Just" a mint card
= (

As I was writing this I went over the card again and just couldn't believe why it didn't receive a gem mint grade. Well I then decided to turn the card over.

Well, there's my problem. I "forgot" that centering applies not only to the front but to the back of cards as well. BGS is more lenient on centering on the back as they will go as far as 60/40 and still give it a gem mint grade but my card here on a good day would barely rank a 65/35 as it looks more 70ish/30ish. So that is why I didn't get the grade I felt it deserved.

Makes me feel a little better knowing that I didn't miss anything on the front but I am annoyed at myself for forgetting to check the back. Lesson learned.

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