Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Jacob Scavuzzo Base Chrome Black Refractor Autograph Parallel ( 97 / 99 )

Give me blue
Still searching for blue
Damn, lost out on another blue
Rinse and repeat

That basically sums up my quest to acquire the blue autograph parallel of Jacob. I still haven't gotten my hands on it and then one day I remembered that there is a black parallel. I love black parallels but they are always more limited ( 150 blue copies compared to 99 black ones ) and usually cost more. Usually.

I was so concentrated on blue I never looked at black. I have lost out on all the blue auctions as they all closed close to or over $30 with even a couple touching $40+. Yikes! The only one that went for less than $20 was one that I forgot to put on my watch list. D'oh

Well I found this black copy with a starting bid of 99 cents and put it on the watch list thinking I was just curious to see what it closes at. Never felt I would be in on it. Well with 15 minutes left the high bid was hovering around $10. Interesting. I know its not fully centered ( its probably 60/40) but still, everything else checked out fine. I put my token bid in and low and behold I won the card for under $18. Well, well, well.

I still may not have my blue Scavuzzo but I did snatch up a black Scavuzzo at a great price. Now back to my blue hunt.

Nine Seven
Nine Nine

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