Saturday, June 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Julio Urias Top 100 Insert Die Cut Parallel ( 41 / 99 )

The last "big" card of Julio from this year's Bowman set is in the fold finally.

There is still one last card I would love to get my hands on which is the Bowman Black Autograph Collection redemption card but with that being numbered out of only 25 and the demand what it is I probably won't be seeing that one in my hands anytime soon. Of course that could change
= )

But till then, I have this beauty. Only 99 copies in existence and I had lost out on at least 10 different auctions with prices going as high as $25. Love the ceiling on this young kid but not at that price. When I won this for a little more than 50% of $25 I was shocked. For some reason there wasn't much action on this particular auction. People must have been doing other things that day and I lucked out on it.

The card has come down since the high sales of $25 but my purchase price was more than reasonable to me.

41 of 99

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