Saturday, June 21, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Brandon Trinkwon Base Silver Ice Parallel and Base Chrome Autograph

One card I needed and another I didn't.
I actually only needed and wanted the silver ice card as I was not looking for the base autograph.
Granted I didn't have the autograph but I wasn't looking to add it to my collection.
I made the decision this year that I would only be collecting the refractor and blue refractor parallels of the Dodger prospects when it came to autographs. I would hold out for the black ones too but not holding my breath as those could get pricey.

Well on a basic search for some silver ice cards I found the Trinkwon one that I needed on multiple auctions. Searching for the cheapest option these two popped up for just $5 combined and shipped. I expected to pay $1 or so for the silver ice but if I could score an autograph for just $3-4 I would be a fool to turn that down.. They were on a BIN auction so there was not bidding process and I had the two cards in hand shortly thereafter.

For now the base autograph is in my collection but I could easily be persuaded out of it or I may use it for a trade of my own.

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