Monday, June 16, 2014

State of the Dodgers : Yet Another Social Rewards Update . . . 700K Crossed

In what may be the last blog entry with me on top of the social rewards heap. I am still number one in the world but that hold has been taking a beating the past few weeks. Since the last update I have lost a couple thousand off of my lead. The standings still have the same top 5 as everyone is basically standing pat or have just given up except for the second place person, one Scott Griffee. He has been cutting into my lead and I believe it is due to emails and/or facebook invites. I am just not going to sit here and do those. I put in my 12K+ points a day and let it be. Hence why I think this will be my last update with me in first. When I cross 800K in two and half months or so I expect to be in second.

With all that said maybe that will bring me some luck. Once again, another handful of promotions have come and gone and I have yet to win anything. It is all based on luck but damn, you would think through almost a year and half of this and I would have won something. It is what it is. Maybe the Dodgers will have a meet and greet with Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw in the future and God will say that is why you haven't won and here is your prize. A fan can dream can't he?

Nonetheless, I still enjoy logging in everyday and punching in my hashtags, photos etc. in the hope that I will win something someday. It could happen !

Still in 1st but for how long?

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