Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Whole Lot of Blue, Silver Ice, Home/State and Chrome of Multiple Dodgers

Silver Ice of Ryu, Greinke, Coyle and Crawford

The latest and probably last big purchase (volume wise) of 2014 Bowman has hit my mailbox. Wanted to put a big dent in my need list so I went back to one of my most reliable sellers on eBay to see what he might have in stock for me purchase. Still needing over 30 cards I was hoping to comply a big buy from him.

Silver Ice of Yimi and Ethier

At the same time I wanted to keep costs at a minimum. One reason I always go back to this seller is that he has most of his cards up on BIN auctions but if you are a past customer and you don't try to low ball him on offers he is receptive to working with you.

Blue parallels of Trinkwon, Crawford and Yimi

302 of 500

427 of 500

209 of 500

Needing all different types of parallels with the blue ones being a priority I searched his store and came up with a nice sized list of what I wanted. Every single one was a BIN auction with prices ranging from $1.50 to $2.25. Started shooting him the offers as fast as I could so he saw that I was intending to buy more than one.

Mini chromes of Yimi and Coyle

402 of 500

204 of 500

After about the 5th offer ( not even half way done ) I started to receive emails stated he was accepting my offers which gave me the go ahead in my head to keep going as I assumed he would accept them all. 

Mini chrome blue parallels of Zach and Corey

129 of 250

235 of 250

In the end I sent him 13 offers for 13 cards and he accepted every single one of them. The grand total would have been an average of a $1 a card but Corey's blue mini was "pricey" which bumped up the average to a little over $1.40. 

Reasonable I thought. As always I promptly paid him and he promptly shipped out the cards the next day and I had them in hand within a few days. Another smooth and painless transaction with a trusted eBay seller. The end is in sight for the 2014 Bowman set.


  1. Sweet mini of Seager and Lee. I hope I can snag those from my LCS next time I make a stop there.

    1. TY
      I might have some blue paper of bowman dodgers for you whenever we do another trade.