Monday, June 9, 2014

BGS Submission Update One - 2012 Allen and Ginter : Yu Darvish Autograph Now Graded and Slabbed a Mint 9.0

The first of 5 result posts from my recent BGS submission from a couple of weeks ago. The results are in and for the most part they were what I expected but this is the one I am really disappointed in.

When I submitted the five cards I expected at least 4 gem mints with the outside possibility of 5 with this being the wild card. Well I received the 9.0 mint grade which would have been fine but I also received a 9 on autograph. WTH? There are some autographs that I know won't grade out gem mint ( more on that tomorrow ) but I saw nor still see nothing wrong that would warrant the 9.0 grade.

So now I have an autograph 9 grade coupled with a card grade of 9. Not the best of pairings. The card itself was close to only get an overall 8.5 near mint grade with centering getting the sub grade of 8.5. Would really have sucked if any of the other 3 grades would have dropped the overall to that near mint grade. Well I guess I have to just be happy that it is a mint card and that all cards can't grade out to gem mint. It is what it is.

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