Monday, June 2, 2014

Contest #10 Results

First and foremost, Go Kings Go !!!

What a game seven with the Blackhawks. The Kings prevailed in their 3rd road game 7 of this post season and this was the one I was not comfortable with going in. In the 1st round there was no way the Kings would be denied and with the Ducks I was pretty confident. This one though I was nervous and when they fell behind 2-0 I like most fans thought they might have used up their nine lives. Well another day is here and we are still playing. I took this picture with Lord Stanley's Cup 2 years ago and want to take another this summer. We can do this.


Alright enough of that. Thank you again to everyone that participated in this contest. It had the biggest turn out with Jesse earning 33 entries followed by Kyle with 30 and Wilson with one less at 29. All together there were 12 different people entered. I have won my fair share of contests and glad I can pass it on. Thank you again and I will have another contest up shortly. Now lets get to the winners.

The first winner will be whoever is in the first position after 10 spins on After that whoever is in first after 15 spins (5 plus the original 10) which was numbered picked by Jesse who runs the blog Section117bib as he earned it with his number of entries. IF it happens to be the same person then whoever is in position 7 will be declared the winner. So lets get to randomizing.

Big list of 145 entries. Couldn't get all of it on one screen shot so I just did the top and the bottom. Jesse with the most entries is the 1st winner. He actually was in the first position 6 out of the 10 spins. Congrats Jesse. Now for five more spins and lest see who comes out on top.

Well that didn't go as planned. Jesse is on top again so I went with position 7 as stated and look who is sitting there as well? So like yesterday's King game we go to overtime. Will spin till number one is not Jesse or if he is and he is not also position seven. Here we go.

Thankfully it only took one more spin and we now have our second winner :

Kyle came in 1st and in last. = )
Congrats to both Jesse and Kyle.
If you could both DM on Twitter with your address's I will be shipping out your cards Thursday morning.
Thank you again to everyone that participated and that continues to read this blog. Everyone have a blessed day and Go Kings Go !!!! and Go Blue !

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