Sunday, June 15, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Draft Picks : Chris Anderson Bowman Black Collection Autograph ( 9 / 25 )

I acquired my first couple Anderson cards recently but I was on the lookout for my first autograph of the man. I finally stumbled upon one.

Though the Bowman Chrome brand has a blue parallel version that has a print run of 99 which I may or may not go after sometime in the future I knew this little beauty existed and in my opinion his signature looks better on this silver on black card rather than the blue on blue one. The silver signature just looks more bold.

The card only has a print run of 25 and I have had seen plenty already sell on the bay ( at least 6 ) which means the quantity was dwindling or least till the eventual resales of said cards starts. Like most new hot and limited cards the asking price was higher months ago so I waited it out and this particular one went on sale and ended at an odd time ( east coast wise ) and I became the lucky winner.

Chris is a 21 year old pitching prospect so I don't expect to seem him anytime soon in the big leagues but if he ever makes a name for himself this card will for sure be one of the few to have in your collection.

Silver on black goodness. 9 of only 25

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