Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BGS Submission Update Two - 2013 Bowman Inception : Corey Seager Silver Signings Autograph ( 5 / 25 ) Now Graded and Slabbed a Mint 9.0

I have mixed feelings about update two from the BGS submissions. It would have been subject one in the series ( worst to best ) if not for the fact that I expected the 9 grade on the autograph.

Yesterday's Yu grade was unexpected as I did not see a flaw in the autograph but Corey's here I believed it would get the dreaded 9 grade on the autograph but was holding out hope for a pristine 10. Didn't happen. Boo.

I thought though that the 9 grade would be coupled with a gem mint 9.5 for the card but I missed out on that as well when it came back .5 away from that grade. The card received 9.5 on edges and centering and just needed one more 9.5 on either corners or surface to get my gem mint grade but it didn't materialize and I think the autograph came into play here. Since the grade was a 9 and the autograph was separating it probably deducted the surface grade which hurt the overall grade. Oh well. Not as disappointed as I was with the Yu grade but would have loved at least a gem mint grade on the card.

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