Friday, June 6, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon Trinkwon and Bobby Coyle Base Blue Parallels plus Others

The lengths I will go to acquire all that is blue when it comes to Dodgers and their cards. I pick up these two rookie cards of Brandon and Bobby in a purchase from a seller but in 4 different auctions.

Brandon 365 of 500
Bobby 128 of 500

The seller had those two and then these two of the veteran Dodgers Adrian and Carl. I needed them all for my set needs but everytime I saw them online sellers wanted at least 2-3 dollars for each one. Wanted them just not at an inflated price.

Carl 412 of 500
Adrian 91 of 500

Well I finally found all of these on one sellers site but there was one side problem to acquiring them. I had to bid on all of these...

That's right. 40 more blue parallels that I had no need for any of my projects. In 4 separate auctions had the four cards I wanted but to acquire them I had to try to win the other 40. Thankfully I sell as well as buy on eBay and I would do one of my patented buy what I need then sell the left over sales. I ended up winning all of cards which included the 4 I really wanted for a total of just a little over $15. Now to get rid of the 40 card excess.

Put my own auction up and surprise, surprise I sold it for a little over $15 and taking out shipping it was a little under $13. So for pennies I picked up 4 cards for my set needs and received a positive feedback for my selling transaction. Win win for the Penguin.


  1. Nice grab. Wasn't expecting all of those parallels at the bottom.

    1. HaHa.
      Didnt want them but if I wanted the four I had to take the gamble.
      Almost time for Dodger game