Monday, June 30, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Bowman Chrome : Joc Pederson Base Blue Refractor Autograph Parallel ( 62 / 150 )

It's educated guessing/hoping/gambling time once again on the blog.

I already have/had Joc's Bowman Chrome card in gem mint as recapped HERE . But I have always wanted to get my hands on the more limited and blue refractor for my collection. Well the graded copies are too high for my tastes so I decided to sell my BGS graded one and try my luck on a raw blue version.

With my recent hit and misses on BGS submissions this is a slight gamble. All that on top of the fact the seller of this card on eBay is new to the community and has a grand total of 1 feedback. It was an even swap for the graded base refractor for this ungraded blue refractor. Now when I head back to Frank and Sons I will submit this with a few others and hope for the best.

I have submitted 10 cards in the last month and 5 have come back as gem mint 9.5's. A 50% rate. Of those 5 that did not grade out to 9.5 at least 2 I thought were sure shots so I am slightly second guessing myself on personal grades BUT with that said I believe this card here is a great candidate to secure a gem mint 9.5. We shall see. At worst a 9 blue is more valuable than a 9.5 base refractor so there is that.

62 of 150

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