Tuesday, July 1, 2014

6 Cards Submitted To Beckett Grading Submissions (BGS) At Frank and Sons On June 25, 2014

Well today is the first day of the second half of the year. First half is done let's bring on the second.

A week ago I went back to Frank and Sons to pick up my submissions which are being showcased in their own individual blog entries this week. I had 6 more cards that I wanted graded at some point this year and wasn't planning to submit them just yet. Well I changed my mind and decided that when I went to pick my cards I would drop off the 6 for grading. I like to do just 5 at a time as I can do Monday through Friday result entries but considering I only had 6 left for the foreseeable future I decided to go with all six. Well like usual I like to go over what I send in and my projections with the least likely to grade out to a gem mint to the most likely. As always, I am knocking on wood.

Well the first card is an autograph card of the Dodger's 17 year old prospect Julio Urias. I bought the pair in a great deal on eBay so I am not sure which one that I submitted but either way the one I did was the one I thought was the best but even with that mentality I believe it will only grade out to a 9.0 mint. Both autographs look flawless but I have a feeling that the corner on the card might be a little too rounded for an overall gem mint grade. You never know though. Might get 9.5 on everything else to offset the 9.0. Would love a 9.5 but would not be shocked to get a 9.0

And now for the first of the other 5 left in the submission and I am being pretty bold here and thinking that 4 if not all 5 can come back as gem mint. Seager here is the one hold out as the back has a slight centering issue. Learning from my Puig card from the last batch I am prepared for a 9 on centering. I am thinking everything else is good to go but you never know. This is the SP photo variation from last year's Bowman Chrome release. Its not a numbered parallel nor a rookie card but it is a limited card that holds some decent value and might and should rise when he hits the big leagues and performs as expected.

The first of 2 Trout cards in the batch. I have two Trout cards in my collection that have been graded a 9.5 with one being his limited Allen and Ginter Red Ink Autograph and the other which will see it's own post on his birthday next month. That one is the crown jewel of my card collection. But that is for another day. As talked about this past weekend this card is from my favorite insert set of last year. Not a fan of the current Finest brand but in 1993 it was great. The reason this one is lower on the list is that the card is ever so off centered so just like the Seager card I half way expect a 9 on centering but hoping and thinking that the other 3 sub grades will compensate for that.

Alright. Here is my gamble card for the submission that I discussed yesterday in it's own blog entry. Nothing better than a Dodger autograph rookie card in Bowman Chrome Blue. I have/had the base refractor but wanted the blue parallel and I was able to unload that refractor for this one for an even swap. I think Joc is going to be an above average player once he gets called up (hopefully with the Dodgers) and this card already is hot and can only get hotter. I did my research and even though this is third on my list of "sure shot" gem mints I still believe it will earn that grade. Come on BGS.

Second to last card of the submissions and second Trout of the batch. With the other Trout I am a little leery of the centering but I see no such issue here on that. Front or back. I love the look of this card and with it being limited to only 75 and coming from the oft damaged Five Star set if I could score a gem mint on it I would be very pleased. As with my other Five Star submissions I am fairly confident that it will achieve gem mint status. I can only hope.

And to finish the batch up we have the reigning Cy Young winner Clayton Kershaw in a non pitching photo. This is from the 2013 Topps Chrome issue and it, like Seager's card, its a photo variation short print. I love the look of this card and see no issues whatsoever with it. Corners are sharp, no surface damage that I can see and centering looks spot on. A great card to have in my collection which would get even better with a gem mint grade.

So those are the 6 I submitted and I will say that I will be disappointed if I don't receive at least 5 gem mints back. Grading is subjective but I think I did my research so we shall see. The Joc card is the most important one to me and even though I don't think there is one in the bunch I am still hoping to acquire my first pristine 10. Someday, someday.

I believe the results will be posted this Friday with a possibility it might be on Saturday due to the holiday. I am hoping for my own fireworks show of happiness for the weekend. Well wishes are always welcomed.


  1. Good luck on the grading. I absolutely love that Kershaw SP.

    1. TY.
      That and the Joc are my favs from the batch.
      Love cards when pitchers are portrayed in offensive settings