Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2013 Topps Chrome : Matt Kemp Base and Base Black Refractor Parallel ( 31 / 100 )

Every time I see a brand new seller on eBay with something I want/need for my set needs I take the auction with a grain of salt. I rarely take one for the team but with a starting asking price of just 99 cents I kept my eye on this auction.

I am still trying to collect the black parallel Dodger set from the 2013 Topps Chrome issue and have lost out on Kemp a few times but this new seller had a copy up coupled with a base version (which I already had) and I hoped that with no feedback whatsoever or any transaction that people might steer away from it. My wish came true as in the final seconds there was still no action on the auction and I put my bid in for 99 cents and won it for that amount. A great deal. Now I had to worry if I would ever see the cards. If I didn't I could live with 99 cents loss. Surprisingly within a week they showed up in great condition. A great return for a minimal investment. Welcome to eBay new seller and hope you continue the good business. Till then I have this great looking parallel Kemp card and another one for the trade pile.

Black parallel. Always nice. A base card for the trading or contesting out

31 of only 100

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