Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Corey Seager Top 100 Die Cut Parallel ( 15 / 99 )

This card was on my watch list for such a long time that it started on the bottom and then was on top and then back to the bottom again. This is due to that fact that it was on a continuous 30 day auction with no set ending.

Why didn't I purchase it when I had the chance the first time around? I tried to nickel and dime other auctions with the hope I could acquire them at a lower cost than this one was going for. I wanted to buy this card at no more than half of book which is $15. Each time I was close though I would be out bid at the last minute. One time it was for a penny more. Great bidding by that winner as I don't use round numbers and obviously he didn't either.

Well I was watching two more auctions that ended within hours of each other and Corey was really tearing up Single-A ball and it showed in the hobby as both of those went for close to $14. Only 99 copies in the world so the availability was starting to dwindle and with that thought I went back to this card. Cost? A little over $9. I will never understand some people on eBay as it seems that they don't look for other auctions with the same card and rather bid up on the one they set their sights on. It's good for me as I now have my Corey card. And yes, all I was trying to do is save about a buck or two. Nickel and diming at it's best.

15 of 99

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