Saturday, July 19, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Tier One : Juan Uribe Base Autograph ( 68 / 299 )

Now I am really starting to feel dirty.
As stated in my Uribe Archives post recapped HERE this is the first year I went searching for Uribe's autograph on a card. I was able to snag a redemption card for an autograph from the Archives set and I believed I was all set on the Uribe front. Or so I thought.

The Archives card will make it to me someday but then I saw this card on the bay. Sigh. It's on card and ready to ship. Do I really need ANOTHER autograph of Uribe? Probably not but what the hell, if I can get it cheap why not. Well the prices were going for almost $20 right out the gate since Tier One was just released. That is not a deal. Kept my eye open to see if anything would drop into my price range. As expected prices across the board continued to drop until I picked up my SECOND Uribe autograph for just a little less than 2 foot long sandwiches from Subway.

Ok, I am really done with Uribe autographs.
Really I am.


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