Saturday, July 26, 2014

Card of the Day - 2007 Bowman Chrome : Ivan DeJesus Jr. Base Refractor Autograph

A career that did not pan out as planned is the way I look at Ivan's. A lot of promise was attached to Ivan by the Dodgers and while he did make the club a few times it just never worked out. He was then traded to the Red Sox in the blockbuster deal that brought among others Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, etc. He played for the BoSox but never recorded a hit and then in the off season was traded to the Pirates and now is stuck in their minor league system.

I have never looked for his autograph on a ball or a card but this Bowman Chrome card showed up on one of my searches one day on eBay. With only a $2 opening bid I decided to throw in for that amount and that amount only. Since I didn't really care if I won it or not I put the bid in days prior to it's close and was informed a couple days later that I won it for $2. I can now say I have an Ivan Dejesus Jr. autograph.

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