Friday, July 4, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps Archives : Dusty Baker Autograph

The Archives brand is one set that I decided on this year not to collect. When I reentered the hobby last year I chased after all the Dodgers in this set but have since scaled back on certain sets. I went through all the sets and realized that Archives really didn't catch my eye so it fell by the waste side.

So the 2014 version came out and low and behold there are actually 3 autograph cards I wanted to acquire and Dusty is the first one I was able to get my hands on.

Through the years I was never able to acquire Dusty's autograph at the stadium or the one paid signing he did when he appeared at Frank and Sons ( $69 was a bit too high for my tastes ). The cards I saw that had his signature were either the sticker variety or didn't show him in Dodger blue so when this on card autograph from his old days with the Dodgers came out I knew I would have to get a copy to call my own.

Right out the gate these were selling close to $20 on the bay but I knew they would die down. A couple weeks passed and I was able to finally get my hands on one for roughly $8. My first and probably only Baker autograph card was finally mine.

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