Thursday, July 31, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Bowman Chrome : Onelki Garcia Base Blue Refractor Parallel ( 88 / 250 )

Down to two Dodgers left in my pursuit of the blue parallel set. Both are rookies with Onelki getting the call up last year for a cup of coffee in the bigs. With all the pitchers the Dodgers have in the fold I seriously doubt Onelki will see much time this year with the big league team unless there are a lot of injuries and in that case all I would have to say about the 2014 season is, uh oh.

Just like Paco I found a seller on eBay that had this card up on a buy it now auction with a best offer attached to it. Sent in my offer of $2 which was only a dollar and quarter off his asking price. No counter as he accepted it and I gladly sent him the money to get one step closer to finishing the Dodger subset.

88 of 250


  1. Pretty sure Onleki is out with an elbow or shoulder injury. Probably won't be back until next year. I'd like to see Yimi Garcia get a taste of big league action.

    1. Agreed
      I just never adjusted the post from my original write up from months ago. Think I need to do that more often.
      TY for the heads up though