Tuesday, July 29, 2014

State of the Dodgers : Probable Last "Threshold" Passed While Still In First . . . 750K

I've been doing these posts every time I have surpassed any 100K level ( 300K, 400K etc. ) as I have been in first each time since I took over the top spot back in the 200K's. My last post I was still in first when I crossed 700K but I knew that would be coming to an end soon and I even stated that would probably be my last entry showing me in first while passing any significant point level. Surprisingly 6 weeks after that last post I am still in first as I passed 750K. Normally I only do one of these posts every 100K but as you can see from the leader board below I am about to be passed.

The second place contestant has shaved off almost my entire lead in the past 6 weeks as I now stand in first with less than 500 points separating the two of us. The top 5 have not changed as I have even widened my lead on the 3rd-5th players as I know they don't do this everyday. As stated in previous posts I know how and why my lead has basically disappeared but I will not do what the other person has been doing to remain number one. I do have certain "internet standards" that I won't cross and that is why my lead is gone. I expect it to disappear this week as the Dodgers are back in town and that is when the lead is chipped away on a daily basis.

So I will enjoy possibly my last day in first and say it has been a blast being on top for all this time. I still haven't won anything with all these points and I may never will but I will continue to earn them on a daily basis with the hope that one day I will. Till then I will use them for discounts at the MLB store. Kershaw Jersey anyone?

Last main threshold while in 1st


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    1. All of sudden in the last 2 months he/she is getting points everyday 4 checking in at the game on mlb app. No way is he/she there everyday out of the blue now. I could get friends that live out there to check in but I wont go there. Its all good maybe 2nd place will finally net me a prize
      = )

  2. Hmmm...good things will come with the amount of time you've put into it. Maybe you'll win a meet and greet with Vin one of these days :o