Thursday, July 3, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman : Alexander Guerrero Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel ( 37 / 99 )

With most blues in hand now for all the Dodgers in this year's set I can focus on the harder to acquire black refractor parallels. With a print run of just 99 that makes it so much harder to get your hands on a copy. Urias was the big fish to get when it came to Dodger rookies with Guerrero coming in a somewhat distant second.

With Julio in hand I had my attention on this Guerrero copy which had no action on its auction up until the last day. Hoping to score this card at a great bargain became a pipe dream as with a couple minutes left a few bids pushed up its cost to $4 and some change. Still going to bid on it just not going to receive the best of deals. I ended up winning it for a little over $5 and coupled with another card from the seller it made the cost a little more manageable.

37 / 99

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