Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Great Trade With Alex Of Chavez Ravining

Alex was in town a couple of weeks ago to attend his first ever nighttime game with his buddy Dikran. Alex and I had been coming up with a trade for quite some time as I posted on my blog of cards I had that were available if anyone wanted them and he claimed a majority of them. You can see what he received in this trade on his blog post seen HERE .

Also stated in his recap post of the attended game he forgot to bring down my cards but promised to ship them to me when he got back home. No biggie. Knew he was good for it.

I really didn't ask him for anything specific so it was a batch of cards that would be unknown to me except for the last one which he did ask if I wanted and I said yes. The only thing in general I stated I needed were the base Dodgers from Topps series 2. He sent a few and then some. There were too many cards for me to post pictures of each as that would take up the whole blog post. Ha Ha. There was also another packet of cards that I will go over tomorrow as they were not part of the trade but from something else. Here are the highlights for me from the trade.

Like Alex has stated in his own posts it seems Topps does horizontal cards better than verticals. Love the Dee one with the ball about to be put into play. And look at Uribear doing something offensive and producing. The terrible 2011 and 12 seasons seem so long ago for Juan. Then you have Puig doing Puig things.

3 horizontals and now 3 verticals. They just seem blah to me. Even with that said I still wanted and needed these for my set needs. That's 6 base cards now I don't need to go hunting for at Frank and Sons.

Love me some Trout cards.
Other than Dodgers, Trout is the only specific player I collect. Needed his base card which Alex added to the pile and I needed the Saber insert and thankfully Alex had that as well. Also included is the red (Target) parallel from series 1 which I did not have. Not to be confused with the red sparkle parallel which I do have. And to top it off Trout's 2014 Heritage card was included as well. Wasn't collecting Heritage and still won't but I gladly will add this Trout card to my collection.

Kershaw gets his own group picture. The left card is the Saber insert which complements the Trout Saber card nicely. Though I love the Dodgers I do not actively pursue any Donruss cards as they are non licensed cards. What is funny though is that Alex has thrown in a few Dodgers in each our past couple of trades and I might have the whole collection now thanks to him. Lol. I'll have to double check on that later.

The "final" card of the batch is this gold parallel of the greatest Dodger lefty prior to Kershaw. One Mr. Koufax.

I already own the base, non numbered version from a case break I was involved in and wasn't looking to acquire this one as I had other cards that held priority. Didn't know Alex had this card but he asked if I was interested in it. How could I say no? Some people are not biggest fans of these manufactured relic cards but for the most part I like them a lot more than the "real" relics. This Koufax is a great addition to my collection.

64 of 99

And that is it for yet another great trade with Alex. He included a lot more cards that included Vladimir Guerrero, Trout and others but these were the big gets for me. Thank you again for the great trade Alex.

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