Monday, July 21, 2014

Follow The Penguin On Instagram

First and foremost thank you to all that read this blog whether it is a daily thing or the occasional look in. I have had fun writing about my card acquisitions along with the meet and greets with players. The best part though has been meeting new people online whether it has been only via Twitter/Blog such as Derek, Judson, Nathan etc. or actually face to face like Alex, Greg, Aus, Jesse, Josh, Franz etc. Sorry if I missed anyone. No offense intended.

I didn't need to do a post on this but it is a tad self serving as I have finally started to post on Instagram and will do more on there going forward. The blog will be here everyday and anything baseball related will probably overlap but I just wanted to put this out there so I can acquire more followers on IG plus I would love to follow more as I enjoy every one's acquisitions and travels as well.

Thank you again and may everyone have a great week

Instagram ID - DodgerPenguin
Twitter ID - DodgerPenguin
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A pattern it seems
= )

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