Saturday, July 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2005 Fleer Showcase : Preacher Roe Autograph ( 15 / 304 )

Preacher played his last and best years of his career with the Dodgers from 1948 - 1954. He retired just one year prior to Brooklyn's one and only championship and that is a shame he was not on the team when they celebrated it. A great pitcher during the time he played. His career was also cut short due to him serving our country during WWII just like many other players. Thank you for your service to the team and our country Preacher. He died at the age of 92 in 2008.

I have always wanted his autograph and have had difficulty acquiring a copy on either a ball or on a card in blue ink. I've seen plenty of black ink versions but had no interest in those and the signed balls on eBay constantly go for north of $70. I had no interest in those as well. Went to Frank and Sons in Walnut and I came across this beauty. I've never seen a copy on eBay and wasn't going to pass this one up. The seller's asking price was reasonable and with that I am now a happy owner of one Preacher Roe autograph.

Nice and clean

15 / 304. Haven't the foggiest what the significance of the number 304 is though

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